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guided by respect for sustainability, design, architecture and the natural world, fool’s gold brings together a portfolio of jewelry for discerning style and taste. fool’s gold is a commentary on consumer culture and aims to start a conversation about ethics and sustainability in fashion and design, while providing a way to support ethical initiatives through conscious consumerism.

founded by meredith christine and michael murphy in flagstaff, arizona, fool's gold sets out to challenge the current jewelry and fashion industries. using alternative materials to the standard diamonds, gemstones and gold, and working closely with suppliers ensure sustainable and ethical sourcing, they've developed a modern line of jewelry that exists in unity with both people and the planet.

heavily influenced by the structural designs of modernist architecture, as well as expressive modern art, meridith reimagines jewelry classics while maintaining a distinct, modern aesthetic. the brand is an ode to meredith's personal style, while embodying the brand's youth culture-inspired, nostalgic roots, embracing both casual comfortability and a modern urban aesthetic.

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